international aid

  • The Peace Corps and White Saviorism

    by Jonathan Zimmerman

    "By all means, let’s use the Peace Corps’ 60th anniversary to critique white saviors. Too many Americans still march blindly around the globe, imagining that they can make a difference by their mere presence. But some of the people attacking white saviorism have a savior complex of their own."

  • How Abraham Lincoln Can Inspire Peace for Yemen

    by William Lambers

    The postwar "friendship train" campaign involved Americans personally in delivering food to the hungry in Europe, and symbolized the nation's larger commitment to the Marshall Plan. A similar broad effort could help advance the policies needed to end the humanitarian crisis of war and starvation in Yemen. 

  • Who Gets to Govern the Global Economy?

    by Christy Thornton

    Johns Hopkins Latin Americanist Christy Thornton describes her book "Revolution In Development" and its contribution to understanding how Mexican officials fought against dismissive treatment from the world's leading economic powers as they sought a voice in shaping the international economic order.