• How Mount Rushmore Became Mount Rushmore

    Historian Gene A. Smith and Oglala Lakota activist Nick Tilsen offer contest for the creation of the monument, its relationship to tribal lands, and the legacies of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt from an indigenous point of view. 

  • The Rap Against Christopher Columbus Statues Overlooks Their Origins

    by Jonathan Zimmerman

    The great achievement of the 20th-century United States was the integration of formerly excluded ethnics -- Italians, Irish, Jews, and others -- into full citizenship and equality. And the great tragedy was our failure to do the same for nonwhites, especially African Americans and Native Americans.

  • Yes, D.C.’s Emancipation Memorial Advances White Supremacy

    by Rebekah Bryer

    The argument that freed slaves commissioned the Emancipation Memorial is only half true; white officials used the funds but ignored designs that expressed a role for the enslaved in bringing about emancipation.

  • Monuments to a Complicated Past

    by Sean Wilentz

    Unless we can outgrow the conception of history as a simplistic battle between darkness and light, we will be the captives of arrogant self-delusions and false innocence.