Questions People Are Googling



How Many Presidents Have Lied About Their Medical History? 

Is America a Christian Nation?

What Are the Origins of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae?

Who Was St. Valentine?

Why Do Jews Celebrate Hanukkah?

Is It Legal to Buy Automatic Weapons?

Why Did the Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville Chant “Blood and Soil”? 

What’s the Great American Eclipse?

When was the Department of Justice established?

Who was the Logan Act named for and what did he do?

Which president held the first news conference?

Why Was the Minimum Wage First Established?

Why do we vote on Tuesdays?

What is fascism?

Who was the Red Baron? 

What was the Free State of Jones?

How Accurate Is the New Movie About the Free State of Jones?

Why did California adopt the recall and referendum? 

Who are the Masons?

What Is Juneteenth?

What were the deadliest mass killings in American history by a lone gunman?

Why Does the Democratic Party Have Superdelegates?

How Many Contested Conventions Have There Been?

Who Are the Gypsies?

Why is the Republican symbol an elephant? Why is the Democratic symbol a donkey?

What's a lame duck?

Why Didn't Anyone Kill Hitler?

Who invented originalism?

Have Americans Usually Supported Their Wars

Has the U.S. Ever Started a War?

What Is the Difference Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims--and Why Does It Matter? 

Have Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq Always Been at Each Other's Throats? 

Did Hitler Really Have Only One Testicle?

Why Do Historians Write About Race, Class & Gender? 

What Is the Military-Industrial Complex?

Who Chooses the Theme for Black History Month?

Why Did Winston Churchill Lose in 1945?

Why did Jefferson change "property" to the "pursuit of happiness"? 

What Did Jane Fonda Really Do Over in Hanoi? 

Did Anyone Care that George Romney Was Mormon?  

When Did the Killing of Civilians in War Become Illegal? 

Why Do We Hear About the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions? Where Are the Other 99?

Does the Presidential Candidate with the Most Money Usually Become the Party Nominee?

What Happened When Democrats in Congress Cut Off Funding for the Vietnam War?  

What Qualifies as Demagoguery? 

Who Dreamed Up Our Concept of Time? 

Where Did The Term “The West” Originate? 

Can Anything Be Done to Increase Voter Participation? 

How Have Past U.S. Presidents Broken Bad News in Times of War?  

Why Did Congress First Meet in New York City? 

How Did Afghanistan Receive Its Current Borders? 

How Did the Taft-Hartley Act Come About? 

When Did the Catholic Church Decide Priests Should Be Celibate? 

When Did the U.S. and Israel Become Allies? (Hint: Trick Question) 

How Did the Deregulation Movement Get Started? 

Why Do So Many Americans Hate Politics? 

Why Did the U.S. Intern the Japanese During WW II? 

Why Did President Ford Ban Assassinations?  

How Much Does Character Count in a President? 

Why Did the Great Powers Lose Over and Over Again in Afghanistan?  

What Was Lincoln's Record on Civil Liberties? 

What President Took the Longest Vacation? (And Other Fun Facts)

Which Presidents Do the Presidents Themselves Like? 

Why Are Great Men (or Women) Not Chosen President? 

Was Spain to Blame for Blowing Up the "Maine"?  

Why Do People Say Muslim Now Instead of Moslem? 

How Did the United States Defeat the Barbary Pirates?  

Who are the Afghans? 

How Did the Atomic Bomb Get Built? 

Who Dreamed Up the Gas Tax?  

How Many Vice Presidents Died in Office?  

How Do Historians Evaluate the Administration of Richard Nixon?  

Has Money Always Been Important in American Politics? 

How Many Times Has Congress Tried to Limit Presidential Power in Foreign Affairs?  

Was Joseph Kennedy Really an Anti-Semite?

What's the Origin of "Nor'easter"? 

Is It Presidents Day or President's Day or Presidents' Day? 

Which Other Popes Have Resigned? 

Who Killed Emmett Till? 

How Long Have Women Been in the Military? 

When Was the Debt Ceiling Created? 

How Historically Accurate is "Lincoln"? 

What Killed the Talking Filibuster? 

Is "Argo" a True Story? 

How Was History Made in the 2012 Election? 

How Many Women Have Served in Congress? 

Who Made Velcro? 

Is Elvis Alive? 

Did Lincoln Own Slaves? 

How Did Hitler Die? 

Why Could Paul Ryan Run for Vice President and Congress at the Same Time? 

Do Mormons Practice Polygamy? 

Why Do Mormons Baptize Holocaust Victims? 

What’s in a Coat-of-Arms?

Will Obama be Re-Elected? 

Are Jews a Race or a Religion? 

Is the Income Tax Illegal? 

Why Don't Black People Vote Republican? 

What is Yom Kippur?  

What's Behind the History of Halloween? 

When Were the Dark Ages? 

Who Killed Malcolm X? And Why? 

Who Was "Jim Crow"? 

What Caused the Civil War? 

When was the Internet Invented? 

Did We Really Land on the Moon? 

Was Hitler Jewish? 

What’s the History Behind Wall Street? 

What Started the Great Depression? 

Did Van Gogh Really Cut Off His Own Ear? 

What Ended the Great Depression? 

Did Johannes Kepler Murder Tycho Brahe? 

Who Invented the Martini? 

Did Mormons Ban Black People from their Church? 

How Did Marilyn Monroe Die? 

Do Mormons Wear Special Underwear? 

Did the Mormons Really Fight a War Against the Federal Government?