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Historians in the News: Latest

Following is a list of historians who have been the subject of news stories. The list is arranged in reverse chronological order, as are the entries within each section. Entries are taken from the websites cited.

BRYAN LE BEAU: Accused of Plagiarism

    The Chronicle of Higher Education has reported a charge of plagiarism against Bryan Le Beau. Sally Greene, an adjunct professor at the University of North Carolina's law school, made the discovery via a simple Google search and comments on her finding. The accusation is that Le Beau's Commencement Address at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, in December 2003 substantially plagiarized from Cornel West's Commencement Address at Wesleyan University on 30 May 1993. Greene and the Chronicle of Higher Education identify parallel passages. LeBeau denied he ever read West's speech, but says he must have read an account of it somewhere.

ALLEN WEINSTEIN: Visiting Nixon Library

HASHEM AGHAJARI: Back to Teaching

RASHID KHALIDI: Banned from NYC Schools

PHILIP ZELIKOW: Considered for a Post at the State Department

DAVID IRVING: Writing 2 New Books

GERALD MARKOWITZ AND DAVID ROSNER: Under Attack by the Chemical Industry

  • Twenty of the biggest chemical companies in the United States have launched a campaign to discredit two historians who have studied the industry's efforts to conceal links between their products and cancer. In an unprecedented move, attorneys for Dow, Monsanto, Goodrich, Goodyear, Union Carbide and others have subpoenaed and deposed five academics who recommended that the University of California Press publish the book Deceit and Denial: The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution, by Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner.

KENNETH MAXWELL: Kissinger's Interference Led to His Resignation

  • Kenneth Maxwell, the historian who resigned from the Council on Foreign Relations, says that Henry Kissinger pressured the editor of the group's journal, Foreign Relations, to drop a rejoinder by Maxwell critical of Kissinger's role in the coup that ended Chile's democracy in 1973. For the first time Maxwell has recounted conversations he had with the editor which flatly contradict the editor's stated recollections. The story, recounted in the Nation, suggests the reputation of the esteemed journal may have been put in jeopardy.

DANIEL PIPES: Settles Lawsuit

DOUGLAS BRINKLEY: Errors Found in His Account of John Kerry's War Record

FRANK WILLIAMS: Admits Copying Inadvertently

JAMES LAINE: Threatened with Jail

SAM TANENHAUS: Named Editor of the NYT Book Review

LEONARD F. GUTTRIDGE: Accused of using phony documents in a conspiracy history of the Lincoln assassination

CONRAD BLACK: Caught in Financial Scandal as His Book on FDR Appears


CARLOS MESA: The Historian Who Became the President of Bolivia

DAVID McCULLOUGH: Wins Boston Patriot Award

RICHARD NORTON SMITH: Picked to Run the Lincoln Presidential Library

KENNETH T. JACKSON: Leaving the NY Historical

DAVID GARROW: Not Teaching this Semester at Emory

JOSEPH BRAUDE: Arrested for Allegedly Smuggling in Iraqi Artifacts

GEORGE CHAUNCEY: Fighting for Civil Liberties for Gay People

JAMES F. BROOKS: Takes Home 3 History Prizes

JOHN ESPOSITO: Feeling Under Attack

PHILIP FONER: Guilty of Plagiarism?

CHRISTINE HEYRMAN: Trouble Counting?

KEITH WINDSCHUTTLE: Under Attack in Australia

STEPHEN HOWARTH: Victim of Plagiarism?

ROBERT CARO: Jumps into the Filibuster Fight

BRIAN VANDEMARK: Accused of Plagiarism

ILAN PAPPE: Haifa University Nixes His Conference


NIALL FERGUSON: TV historian accused of romanticizing British imperialism.

NICHOLAS DeGENOVA: Calls for a Million Mogadishus

MILITARY HISTORIANS: Reservists Who Are Collecting the History of the War in Iraq

IAN KERSHAW: Breaks with TV producers of movie based on his book.

HENRY KAMEN: Under attack in Spain.

JOHN HOPE FRANKLIN: Joing the lawsuit filed by victims of the Tulsa Race Riot.

JOERG FRIEDRICH: The Germans were victims of Allied bombing in WW II.

ANDREW ROBERTS: Host of a new BBC series on history.

CHRISTOPHER HILL: Was he a Soviet mole?

BENNY MORRIS: Disenchanted

ERIC HOBSBAWM: Still Likes the Soviet Union

DONALD KAGAN: Awarded National Humanities Medal

BASHEER NAFI: Accused of being an Islamic terrorist.

JACK GRANATSTEIN: Testifies in favor of war with Iraq.

CHRIS ANDREW: Professor chosen to write official history of MI5.

LOUIS MENAND: Orwell was"honest, decent, wrong."

ALLEN MURPHY: Dispute about his claim that Justice Douglas wasn't entitled to be buried at Arlington.

DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN: Her son may be going off to fight in Iraq.

JAN GROSS: Historian who revealed the truth about a Polish town's where hundreds of Jews were killed.


JAMES LINDGREN: Questions survey allegedly conducted by pro-gun economist

JAMES E. JENNINGS: Leads delegation to Iraq to protest war.

AHARON BREGMAN: Discovers identity of the Egyptian who tipped off Israel about invasion that led to the Six Day War

JORG FRIEDRICH: Assailed for Claiming Germans Were Victims Too

HOWARD ZINN: Peacemaker

PAUL BUHLE: Accused of Misrepresenting the History of Communism

BRIAN VICTORIA: Credited with Exposing the Violent History of Zen

LYNDALL RYAN: Accused of Mangling Evidence

BRENT GLASS: Profile of the Historian Who Has Taken Over the Smithsonian

JOY HAKIM: New PBS Series Based on Her Books

PETER KIRSTEIN: In Public Brawl with Instapundit

MILAN BULAJIC: Yugoslav Historian Apologizes for Holocaust Quotes

ERIC FONER: His Fight with Daniel Pipes

GLENDA GILMORE: Her Fight with Daniel Pipes

NECIP HABLEMITOGLU: Assassinated in Ankara

CHRISTOPHER ANDREW: Appointed Official Historian of MI5

EUGENE M. TOBIN: President of Hamilton College Resigns

ALAN CHARLES KORS: On Bias in Academia

  • Alan Kors, Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania, is attracting national attention with his new book, The Shadow University: The Betrayal of Liberty on America's Campuses, co-authored with Harvey Silverglate. Kors, President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), argues that the left has taken over college campuses.

HENRY REYNOLDS: Caught Misquoting

RICHARD BERTHOLD:"Anybody Who Blows Up the Pentagon Gets My Vote"

ROBERT DALLEK: On Kennedy's Medical Ailments

DANIEL GOLDHAGEN: His Publisher Sued By The Catholic Church

MICHAEL BELLESILES: Misuse of Records, Bad Scholarship, etc.

PETER KIRSTEIN: Denounces a Cadet as a Baby-Killer

ANN LANE: Her Dissertation

JOYCE APPLEBY: Historians' Petition on Iraq

STEPHEN AMBROSE: Accused of Plagiarism

JOSPEH ELLIS: Inventing Stories About His Past

LOUIS ROBERTS: Accused of Plagiarism

EDWARD A. PEARSON: Book Withdrawn by University of North Carolina Press