Obama and Race

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fei lin - 4/7/2009

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al morrow - 3/15/2009

All historians, including the disciplined historians of the academic left who support the left regardless of its criminality, are again failing the people and history itself. They are refusing to research and report the true nature of Obama America's 2nd marxist dictator.
The first issuue is that Obama is an illegal alien who committed a number of crimes while purchasing the presidentcy. There is much verifiable evidence available that substantiates
Obama's criminality. But no establishment "historian" has the guts to examine or report on Obama.
There is only one courageous and effective center of historical investigation and reportage on the internet. I am talking about: www.quikmaneuvers.com . That brave publishing company not only offers well over 400 unique books to the public but it has gives free research reports and analysis on those sectors of American history and current events that historians are afraid to research (or are too biased to research) including:
Obama's Criminality
McCain's Covert Alliance with Communist Vietnam
America's incompetent Military generals
The crude racist fraud of multiculturalism and racial diversity
Predictions for the near future
And other controversialsubjects.

I am a realist and I know this nation's terrible weaknesses and insufferably cowardly masses. Therefore nothing will be done to change history.
At least quikmaneuvers.com offers predictions of what will happen in the future and they have not been wrong yet.

David Ben-Ariel - 4/14/2008