• The Russian Historian Predicting Chaos

    by Angela Nagle

    All the way back in 2010, Turchin warned that the historical patterns were lining up to indicate a coming period of instability and violence in America, which he expected to peak in the 2020s. 

  • What Democracy’s History Tells Us About Its Future

    In an email exchange hosted by the Harvard Business Review, Professor of Business Rebecca Henderson and Professor of History Jill Lepore discussed capitalism’s role in an increasingly populist world.

  • The Case for Populism

    by Maria Schmidt

    As citizens of a free country in the heartland of Europe, we have served as gatekeepers between East and West for a thousand years. We hope to do so for a thousand more.

  • Tom Nichols Vents Again

    by Tom Nichols

    His target:  People who complain that rich snooty guys in suits are to blame for the resurgence of populism.

  • Corey Robin’s “The Reactionary Mind” helps explain Trumpism

    by Lily Geismer

    The book argues that the right has increasingly come to understand that in order to defend the old regime and preserve the power of elites they have to build alliances with the masses, and practice a form of “upside-down populism.”