A Look At The History Of The America Is 'Full' Phrase Trump Has Used A Lot Recently

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NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Mark Hetfield, president of the refugee organization HIAS, about President Trump's comments that America is "full," and how that message is reminiscent of far-right rhetoric in Europe.


Now we're going to dig into the history of a phrase that President Trump has been using a lot lately. During a visit to a U.S. Border Patrol station in California on Friday, he said this.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Can't take you anymore - we can't take you. Our country is full. Our area's full. The sector is full - can't take you anymore. I'm sorry.

SHAPIRO: He doubled down on those remarks Saturday before the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas.


TRUMP: Can't come in - our country is full. What can you do? We can't handle any more. Our country is full - can't come in. I'm sorry. It's very simple.


SHAPIRO: And then yesterday he tweeted, our country is - all caps - FULL. Trump's comments were directed at Central American migrants. In other countries, far-right leaders are using the same phrase to reject people from Syria, North Africa and other parts of the world. Mark Hetfield is president and CEO of HIAS, the Jewish nonprofit organization that helps resettle refugees here in the U.S. Welcome to ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.

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