There's No There There

This is Murray Polner's blog. Polner, who writes book reviews for HNN, is the author of “No Victory Parades: The Return of the Vietnam Veteran” and “When Can We Come Home? A Debate on Amnesty for Exiles, Anti-War Prisoners and Others.”

  • Those Fabulous Sixties

    by There's No There There

    "1968 crushed the idealism of the Democratic Party." -- Theodore White

  • Committing Crimes In Our Name

    by There's No There There

    When a legless WWII veteran, whose rights had been violated by the U.S. Government, fought back and won.

  • My Memorable Seven Men

    by There's No There There

    Murray Polner:  Remembering 7 men who would not surrender to the liars, frauds and chicken hawks who manipulate and distort our lives.

  • Iran, Israel & American Jews

    by There's No There There

    For the first time in memory a foreign country — Israel— is publicly fighting an American president’s foreign policy on American soil.