A UF Professor Used "Critical" and "Race" in a Sentence. Trouble Ensued

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Chris Busey’s page on the University of Florida website says he’s an associate professor in the College of Education, “where he primarily teaches courses for the Critical Studies in Race, Ethnicity, and Culture specialization.”

But according to a grievance he filed this week through the faculty union, the wording of that job description has been called into question. The reason: fear on the part of top UF administrators that the words “critical” and “race” in proximity might offend the Florida Legislature. The specialization, which had been approved by the College of Education, was still waiting approval from the university.

Busey alleges in the complaint that he was threatened with discipline if he used “critical race” in his curriculum and program design, an apparent reference to “critical race theory.” Discussion of the theory, an academic framework examining the impact of America’s racial history, was banned earlier this year in Florida’s K-12 classrooms after some parents complained and Gov. Ron DeSantis took up the issue as a frequent talking point.

The document states that pressures have been mounting since the passage this year of House Bill 233, which requires the state’s public colleges and universities to measure the level of “intellectual diversity” on their campuses through surveys.

It also states that UF has held meetings discussing race in light of newer legislation seeking to prevent teachings on race that might make students feel uncomfortable. Two bills, HB 57 in the House and SB 242 in the Senate, have been filed ahead of the legislative session that begins Jan. 11.

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